Sunday, May 23, 2010

High School is OVER!

Commencement was awesome! Went with one of my best friends in high school Bronte Estrada!

Last day of school was this last Friday! I can't really comprehend not going back yet! Baccalaureate is TONIGHT where I am performing my speech! Lagoon Day is Tuesday! Grad Practice is Wednesday! and GRADUATION is Thursday!

Next step...nationals!!! There is a retired coach who saw me perform my piece and was inspired, she's coached and judged multiple people through nationals! She wants to coach me, every other day for an hour! ahh, it's a little scary to have someone wanting to invest so much time in you, but I am also really excited!!

Thats all for now!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What an eventful and amazing week!!!

Monday: Weeks ago I had a great disappointment and upset at the NFL (national FORENSICS league, not football) National Qualifying tournament, through a few mishaps I lost the opportunity to travel to Nationals and compete with some other qualifying teammates. I qualified as the alternate with my Original Oratory, and through some miracle the person who qualified dropped out and now I AM IN! Someone choosing not to go never happens, so I feel like I really got blessed and lucky. It happened at a time when I was finally accepting my loss, and excited for others getting the opportunity, ironic yes, coincidence no. I will be traveling with 11 other members of my debate team to Kansas City, Missouri June 12-21. This trip is expensive so I will be seeking out many sponsors and hopefully raise the money to go!

Thursday: Senior pictures finally DONE! Anna Miller took my pictures and did and AMAZING job, I am so excited. I will post more of them up once I have them all. Here is some of my favorites so far. (Cant wait for graduation!)


Friday: Got a call and scheduled a job interview for SHOES in Sears, my good friend Courtney works there and is hooking me up! My interview is Monday at 4, and hopefully it goes good :)!

Saturday: Since I joined debate my goal has been do become a STATE CHAMPION in the speech event Original Oratory (a ten minute, self written, inspirational/persuasive speech), this weekend I had the opportunity, and I DID IT! My speech was on human worth and greatness looking beyond a resume, entitled "Let's Be Human Beings"


Sunday, April 4, 2010

High School Highlights!

State Debate Finals Round!

My partner Ola and I with our state champion medals!

State Champions Cheer!

State Champs Football! Colby and I!

Last year for cheer we took a trip to Hawaii for a competition! Scuba diving!

My boyfriend Matt and I on Christmas at his house!

I have tried to resize, but I am obviously new at this! This is as good as it's gonna get! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Family and Friends

It seems that most of my family (or women in my family) update and keep in touch mostly through blog spot! With high school finishing up and heading into college somewhat soon I figure this is a better method of letting my family know whats going on, if they can't piece it together through vague, teenage-girl-song-quoting, facebook statuses ;).

I have had an awesome last year, filling every single second of it with debate and cheer. Definitely made lots of sacrifices on both ends, but it was completely my choice. Cheerleaders are the worst at thinking they are the most important people in the world...imagine that ;). Through a lot of time management I had an extremely successful year in debate placing many times and in the end, earning the title of STATE CHAMPION in public forum debate, headed to state speech in two weeks in two different events, panel and original oratory. After that, I have one A.P exam to prepare for and really nothing else challenging in my schedule.

I am going to be heading to Boise State University this fall semester to start off college. Hopefully, after two years there I can spend a year abroad, or transfer to University of Hawaii. I am still deciding what exactly I want to go in to, cultural anthropology is what I have always wanted to study, but getting a degree in secondary education for history and social sciences is a job I would like to be at. I also want somewhere in there to minor in nutrition and fitness. I am still completely overwhelmed and confused on enrolling in classes and such, so who knows if any of this is possible? Oh well, I will make it be. I am hoping to not touch a student loan, and have college paid for on my own through government aid (woohoo) and scholarships. Finishing up and finding more scholarship applications is the only task in front of me at this point. Any tips?

I am jobless right now, waiting for the debate season to close up so I can have actual weekends open! Hoping to get hired at Gold's Gym, where I have been spending everyday of my spring break at, or get my old job back at Wingers as a waitress (awful awful job, but wonderful pay), and if both those routes fail I will hit up the family tradition and go back to work at Sol Rio mexican restaurant! I will spend my summer working as much as possible and saving up.

So pretty basic and boring blog...but you always need to do it the first time! I will try to be more entertaining from now on :)!